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“Memomagnetics” (russian variant spelling of this word - "Memomagnetica" [Memomagnetika] - What is it?
I will attempt to briefly present the sense of this term, devised by me by one warm May day, 2008. But, it is better to begin from the short prehistory. Collecting fridge magnets from different corners of our planet is my general interest. Once a day I studied the Internet and understood that my hobby does not have well-made formulated name. And suddenly I lit up: “memomagnetica” [memomagnetika]!!!!!! I formed this word from two another words: /memoriale (lat.)/ – “memorable” and /magnetis (gr.)/ – “magnet”. Thus, this web-page is the personal page of the first memomagnetist (I mean the terminology only). So, Birthday of term “Memomagnetics” [“Memomagnetica or Memomagnetika”] is 9-th of May, 2008.

(Magnets from around the World)

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